Meet with Robert Lafrenière

Head of Quebec Permanent Anti-Corruption Unit (UPAC)

Attend Joe Pistone’s Conference

Joe Pistone is a former undercover FBI agent known as Donnie Brasco

ISO 37001 LI training and certification

Attend the post conference training session with ContinuityLink

Some of the world’s most critical social problems start with corruption

The second PECB Insights Conference will bring together experts, practitioners, and influencers to continue elevating our professional competencies. Exclusively, the PECB Insights Conference held in Montreal, Canada on 13-14 November 2017, will specialize in Anti-Bribery.

Purchase your ticket before 31 October and get free access to conferences!

Extend your stay in Montreal and attend the post-conference ISO 37001 Lead Implementer training

Quebec is one of the first places in the world where companies and public bodies can go to school to learn a new international standard for fighting corruption!

The new ISO 37001 standard specifies a series of internal processes and policies to help organizations prevent, detect and address bribery, including adopting whistleblower protection, developing ethics policies, appointing an internal compliance officer, providing training for employees to combat bribery, conducting risk assessments, setting up internal financial controls and developing procedures to report and investigate deviations.

The English version of this training is offered exclusively by ContinuityLink in Québec. Next session in Montreal is on 20-24 November 2017. Do you want to become a certified ISO 37001 Lead Implementer? Book your seat today!

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